Coming on April 1 - no fooling!
Happy Friday, Everyone! Well, the countdown to our GIANT release day has officially begun.

But it dawned on me that you have not yet seen the wonderful BACK cover of the book with the fjords, the mountains, and the mysterious Viking ship! And of course the fairy Gladwin fluttering by. So there you go!

Well, if you've read the back cover blurb for our book (as seen on our homepage since it's too small to make out here) and/or the sample chapters (posted here) you will have noticed that JAKE & THE GIANT is set in Norway, one of the great Viking homelands, along with Denmark and Sweden.

Norse mythology runs through our book, as well as the science surrounding the Victorian excavations of ancient Viking ships. Also, when it came time to decide how to depict the society of our giants, we decided to give their medieval village a Viking flair. They are Norse giants, after all!

Well, imagine my surprise when I heard that a new series about the Vikings had just started on the History Channel. Serendity strikes us once again... The Vikings series was written by Michael Hirst, the same fellow who wrote The Tudors miniseries as well as Elizabeth.

Since a picture is a worth 1000 words and video a good deal more than that, and since my rant about Jack the Giant Slayer movie last week was much too long anyway, I will leave you with the History Channel experts - cast and crew - behind the new Vikings series. Note - it's a fictional storyline but it certainly looks well researched, accurately bringing these fascinating people to life. 

I hope the video whets your appetite for the Viking-influenced story threads in Jake & the Giant and helps you imagine those scenes in our story! Though this promo video for the History Channel series is short, I like the way it brings out some of the misconceptions about the Vikings and succinctly fleshes out more of the realities of what their lives were like, especially in regard to the democratic ways of their culture, and their respect for women. (Well, except for the stolen Irish brides, maybe.) *grin*
For more info about the History Channel series, go here.

ALSO - Did you know that visitors to Oslo, the capital of Norway, can go and see the ancient Viking ships that have been found and carefully excavated over the years? The place to see them is at the Viking Ship Museum. This is today's version of the earlier one you'll get to visit in our book with Miss Langesund - and many thanks to the staff at the Viking Ship Museum, and to Professor Jan Bill of the Museum of Cultural History and the University of Oslo, who was kind enough to help us with some research questions.

Enjoy! And have a lovely weekend. :)

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